Some Facts about the Auditor General

The operations of the Bureau du vérificateur général of the Ville de Montréal are entirely independent and enshrined in the Cities and Towns Act of Québec. Accordingly, they cannot be modified, suspended, or abolished in any way without the political will of the municipal administration.


  • The Auditor General is named, by a resolution adopted by two-thirds of the votes the city council’s members, for a one-term mandate of seven years;
  • The Auditor General does not report to the director general, audit committee, mayor or city council.


  • The following persons may not act as Auditor General: a member of the city council or a borough council, a person who, him or herself or through his or her associate, has a direct or indirect interest in a contract with the municipality, or a person who has been a member of a council or an employee of the City or municipal civil servant in the four years prior to their nomination, except if that person was an employee of the Bureau du vérificateur général of the Ville de Montréal.

Security of Tenure:

  • The Auditor General may not be assigned to other posts in the City.

Functional Autonomy:

  • The Auditor General has full discretion as to the choice of audits;
  • The Auditor General conducts the work with complete autonomy.


To fulfill the mandate, the Auditor General has the right to:

  • Review any document concerning the business affairs and accounts related to the subjects of the audit;
  • Require any employee of the City or agencies governed by section 107.7 of the Cities and Towns Act to provide all information, reports and explanations needed to pursue the work.

Administrative Autonomy:

  • The Auditor General is responsible for applying the policies and standards of the municipality regarding the management of the human, material, and financial resources of the Bureau;
  • The Auditor General manages her or his own technological environment.

Financial Security:

  • The calculation parameters of the Auditor General’s budget are set by law.